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  1. Grogor
    Jul 14,  · The loud rumbling sound (sometimes like thunder) that’s produced in the ear when you close your eyes too tightly is due to the contraction of a muscle called the tensor tympani muscle. It is a muscle located within the ear and it functions to dampen certain sounds.
  2. Sabar
    Apr 10,  · Thumping in the ear is like a twittering sound, whistling sound or another type of sound but it will match your heartbeat. Sometimes, it can also disturb the blood flow in the body. There might be several reasons why you experience thumping in the ear. Let’s see the common risk factors, causes, symptoms, and treatments for ear thumping problem.
  3. Kejin
    Dec 25,  · The sound of buzzing or ringing in your ears in the absence of audible noise can be annoying. The symptom caused by a medical condition called tinnitus. Ear sounds may mimic noises, such as buzzing, ringing, clicking, hissing, clanging or wheezing. They can be present in one or both ears, constant or intermittent.
  4. Kashicage
    In the middle ear sits the tensor tympani, and it seems most people are unable to contract it voluntarily. Those that can contract their tensor tympani - a small muscle located above the auditory tube - are privy to a special skill: the action produces a low, thunder-like rumbling .
  5. Gozahn
    Rushing. Blood vessel problems, such as high blood pressure, an aneurysm or a tumor, and blockage of the ear canal or eustachian tube can amplify the sound of your heartbeat in your ears and you may hear rushing sounds in your ear. 6. Bubble Popping noise in an ear.
  6. Nat
    Jan 10,  · Tinnitus is a ringing, buzzing, hissing, or roaring sound that you hear in one or both ears. It is caused when cells in part of your inner ear are damaged, and they send signals to the brain making you think you are hearing things that are not there. This .
  7. Ker
    Aug 10,  · Inside your ear are tiny hairs that recieve vibrations and is then transmitted into sound. When you are exposed to excessive noise or a moderate noise .
  8. Kazibar
    Its called poping your ears, very few people can do it on command. I can do this also. Its you openeing your eustation tubes in your inner ear. Most people have to hold there nose and swallow to do this.
  9. Teshura
    There are three tiny bones in your middle ear which act as a "volume control" for your hearing. Normally they will amplify soft sounds, improving sound transmission into your very sensitive inner ear. However, when exposed to sudden loud noises, a protective reflex causes small muscles to disconnect the bones, turning down the volume.

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